Dry type transformer

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Cast resin transformer

Max. capacity 30mva, 35kv, Customized solutions for various applications,Fire Resistant,Higher Short-circuit Strength
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  • 1250kva transformer
  • red cast resin transformer
  • epoxycast transformer
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  2. 1250kva transformer
  3. red cast resin transformer
  4. epoxycast transformer

E2 Environmental class

C2 Climate class

F1 Fireproof class

Maintance free, Sustainable

High voltage multilayer segmented cylindrical structure, low voltage longitudinal airway foil structure


Thin insulation structure, cold and thermal shock for crack resistance

Windings have high mechanical strength and no partial discharge and are non-flammable

Our product advantages

  • Magnetic Core

    Magnetic Core

    The three-limb iron core is made of oblique cut Grain-oriented, seven-step silicon steel laminations insulated on both sides, guaranteeing low losses and low noise. These values are even improved by laser treatment. It is protected on the surface with a flash-proof varnish in order to prevent the sheet from corrosion and to reduce the noise. 

  • Clamping frame

    Clamping frame

    Clamping frame processed by CNC cutting, bending and then one-time punch forming, the hole’s size is accurate and the appearance looks delicate. 

  • winding


    The winding coil is made of oxygen-free copper, class H for main insulation materials and coil is insulated by NOMEX paper of DUPONT brand, LV winding is isolated by copper foils. All these make the heat-resistant is up to 220℃, with excellent overload capacity and low loss, but high efficiency.

  • Insulation class H

    Insulation class H

    Varelen practices strictly exclusive casting system of F(155℃) or H(180℃), and the epoxy resin is injected and casted in the vacuum machine, so it’s highly insulated, dust-proof and moisture-proof, which ensures stable and reliable performance

  • Tap changer

    Tap changer

    Tap changer is available to adapt respective network conditions.

Related product parameters

Main Specifications

Dry-type transformer type 

Cast resin 

Manufacturing standards 

IEC, ANSI, NFC52 etc

Rated capacity 


Rated Voltage 



single or three phase 


With tapping links or on-load tap changer 


On request 


50/ 60Hz   

Vector groups 

Dy, Yy, Yd as standard. Other on request  

Winding materialCopper

class insulation 

According to IEC 60085, Class F or Class H 

Temperature rise 

With ambient temperature in accordance with IEC 60076-11

Type of cooling 


IP rate 

IP00 to IP54  

Environment class 


Climate class 


Fireproof class 


Factory Advantages

  • Personalized customization

    Only Focused on transformers, but we offer customized different types of transformers.

  • +20 years experience

    +20 years experience R&D team, derived from a 60 years history transformer factory in Changsha city of China.

  • Drew up the National Standard for Mining Explosion-proof Substation

    GB8286 (Mining explosion-proof Mobile Substations)the product of National standard that origin and inheritor,Unique designing for customers' convenience,like “Vertically Lifting”


Dry type transformer is suitable for power transmission and distribution system, hotel, restaurant, hospitals, shopping malls, bank buildings ,stadiums, airports, stations especially heavy load centers and places with special fire protection requirements.


packed with of wooden case
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wooden case.jpg
wooden case-1.jpg

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