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Oil immersed transformer shipment by airplane


Based on the market, because professional, so be chosen, because of responsibility, so be trusted, because not afraid of difficulties, so we march forward.

For this order, in the early communication with the Australian customer, we timely answered the customer's questions and concerns, explained the production schedule, quality inspection and shipping control points that the customer cared about one by one, so that the customer could fully control the whole order. After communicating all the details, we immediately arranged the production. During the production process, we took photos of the production process of each product and sent the inspection report to the customer, 

so that the customer could clearly understand every step and progress of the order.

Varelen cooperate with customers to use aircraft transportation, for transportation, we also according to their own shipping experience to provide customers with special packaging. In order to avoid any damage in the air transport process, all the photos of the reinforced packing were sent to the customer for confirmation. This professional attitude was highly recognized by the customer.

On October 1st, on this day of national celebration, when people were immersed in the ocean of joy, the staff of Varelen stuck to their posts as usual and completed the production and delivery of urgent orders as required by customers. We were moved by the dedication and struggle spirit of Varelen colleagues. You are the most beautiful scenery in your busy life! Thanks to our brothers and sisters who struggle together, thanks to our customers who always support us. Every time the truck pulls the container out of Varelen, we are very proud of that moment!

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The transformer with more than 6 tons , shipment should be by sea. help customer save time, we choose airplane transport, The successful shipment is a great achievement of Varelen, which proves once again that the company has sufficient technical strength and intelligent manufacturing ability to meet the special needs of customers. Struggle is the most beautiful background of youth. The staff of Varelen will stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, gather together and create a new chapter.

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