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Line Choke for converter in wind power


Wind power, which converts the kinetic energy of wind energy into electricity without wreaking havoc on the environment, is considered one of the world's most promising 

distributed energy sources. Relatively low installation costs have accelerated the installation of wind power around the world.

In the wind and solar markets, customer-specific solutions such as cast resin transformers /encapsulated transformers and line chokes are available.

Line chokes produce an inductance as a requirement and calculated in henry in Three Phase drives or controls extra. 

Connected in the mains supply to the inverter. This will help to reduce harmonics that are caused when the mains is rectified to create a DC link. They will also reduce the peak currents drawn by the inverter or other device. They also help to project the input rectifier from some mains problems. Harmonics can cause premature failure of input rectifier and phase correction capacitors. Harmonic compensated and IGBT compatible.

Varelen is your partner in drive technology and interference suppression chokes and filters in photovoltaic systems.  In addition to our standard reactors, we also provide you with customer-specific containment and filtration measures tailored to your project. The choke smoothes ac voltages, such as those in the inverter output, and reduces the impact of nonlinear consumers on the network. Using dc voltage, they can reduce the overlap frequency. Reactive power compensation is also provided for the filter circuit choke. 

Varelen's filter and choke design is compact, low stray field and easy to install.

We offer a range of reactors that improve productivity by reducing interference trips, reducing harmonic distortion and minimizing long lead effects.

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