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Environmental degradation have drawn global attention, where the demand for energy is growing at an impressive rate. To meet this demand, The generation supply mix is transitioning to natural gas plants, renewables, hydro power and energy storage.

Varelen Medium voltage cast resin transformers can be used for different applications, such as power distribution, as converter solutions for industry, solar power plants and wind power plants. The eco design, which meets energy efficiency standard, means we can support you on your way towards a sustainable future.


Environmetal friendly  cast resin transformer is a New Significant milestone for us.  5mva cast resin transformer, 6 winding, weights more than 8.5 tons and measures 2.4X1.6X2.4M,  The giant bady delivery to our customers,  Important tasks await it in Australia.

dry type converter transformer.jpg

Enviromental friendly

The resin and insulating materials we use guarantee your safety thanks to self-extinguishing properties and low toxic gas emissions. an eco-friendly material that makes the winding.

Reduce your energy consumption

Our Ecodesign, which meets energy efficiency regulations, means the transformers cut your energy consumption and, consequently, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

cast-resin dry type transformers offer maximum mechanical strength to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses from severe climates, cycling loads, and short circuit forces. Severe load cycles and high short circuit withstand. Exposure to harsh climates (freezing, heat, chemicals, moisture) minimal maintenance.

Varelen will continue to strengthen technological innovation, provide high-quality products and solutions, help transform the energy structure, and use green energy to create a zero-carbon future.

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