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Varelen is committed to Sustainability


Due to global climate change, As the global energy industry continues to transform, many of our customers are facing long-term disruptive change.

The advance of digitisation, the need to decarbonise and increased decentralised energy production are leading to competition, greater complexity and less predictability across the industry. At the same time, these changes are creating new business opportunities in electrification, renewable energy, grid modernization and resilience, energy storage, and power to technology. Our mission is to support our customers' transition to a more sustainable world by providing sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy supplies based on our innovative technologies and our ability to turn ideas into reality.

We work with customers to build and operate efficient grid infrastructure. We provide reliable products, solutions and state-of-the-art services to meet the growing demand for sustainable electrification. Transmission and distribution networks must be expanded, modernized and stabilized.

So we are investing in grid stability, grid intelligence, grid flexibility and digital applications to improve the performance of our transmission technology and transport renewable energy to consumers through longer distances, more reliability and with less loss.

We believe that innovative technologies are the key to addressing climate change. Our offer energy efficiency and environmental friendly products and solutions enable our customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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