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What is oil immersed power transformer?


One, Definition and principle of transformer

A transformer is a static electrical appliance that converts ac energy of one voltage class into AC energy of another voltage class of the same frequency by means of electromagnetic induction between coils. The transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and consists of two windings that are insulated from each other and have unequal turns. The suit is mounted on the core made of materials with good magnetic conductivity (forming a magnetic circuit). There is only magnetic coupling between the two windings and no electrical connection.

Two, the rated capacity and load capacity of the transformer

Rated capacity: refers to the provision of cooling conditions, the transformer take is equal to the rated capacity load for a long time, can obtain the efficiency of the economic and reasonable, and the temperature rise shall not exceed the standard of each part, namely under the rated load of transformer insulation has a normal aging speed and not in normal use fixed number of year (generally for 20 ~ 30 years) before the damage. 

Load capacity: refers to the power output of the transformer in a short period of time, which may be greater than the rated capacity. That is, the load capacity is the load capacity that can ensure the normal life of the insulation materials in the transformer. (Depends on the life of the insulation)

110kv distribution transformer.jpg

110kv.jpglv bushing.jpg

Thrid : transformer compoents

 1. Conservator

2. moisture absorber

3. Temperature controller

4. Pressure relief valve

5. Buchhole relay

6. tap changer

110KV power transformer is used in power plants, substations and large industrial and mining enterprises. It has the characteristics of low loss, low temperature rise, low noise, low local discharge and strong short-circuit resistance.

Thus saving a lot of power consumption and operation cost. The high voltage coil adopts the knotted type or the continuous inner screen type, and the strengthening section is set at the end to improve the impulse voltage distribution and ensure the insulation strength of the high voltage coil under various overvoltages.

The oil storage cabinet adopts capsule seal or metal corrugated expansion full seal structure, so that the oil inside the transformer is completely isolated from the outside air, so as to effectively prevent oxygen and moisture from entering and leading to the decline of insulation performance level

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