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Singapore customer to Varelen


From March 27th to March 31st, we were fortunate to welcome Mr. Liong from Singapore to visit Varelen.

This time Mr. Liong aimed at a Rectifier Transformer, Epoxy Resin Cast Dry Transformer and Special Oil Immersed Transformer. During the meeting between the two parties, William and Mr. Liong made a profound exchange and discussion on the above products from the technical level. 

William introduced the various products and the entire quality control process in a very detailed manner in the production workshop. 

The interaction between the two parties is excellent. Mr. Liong sincerely expresses his willingness to cooperate with us and highly recognizes our technical strength and product quality.

After that, we acted as a guide, like a friend, showing Mr. Liong to appreciate the beauty of Changsha. In short, Varelen always makes you feel at home.

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