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Dry type transformer installation

  1. The installation site of the medium voltage dry type transformer must be clean and dry. It is better not to enter the transformer if the infrastructure construction is not basically completed to avoid the transformer from being damaged by the construction site and the insulation. Transformer moving into the field should not damage any components on the transformer, especially the fan, iron core, external voltage-adjusting copper rods, and high and low voltage insulators. When installing and moving the transformer, pay special attention to the safety of personnel to prevent it from falling and getting out of control.

  2. The installation of the transformer is relatively simple.

    (1) Just plug the sensor cable of the thermometer into the corresponding socket of the temperature display and fix the screws.

    (2) Connect the high and low voltage fan power cables to the corresponding labels of the temperature controller.

    (3) One power cord is connected to the switch, and one power cord is connected to the terminal of the temperature controller.

  3. The installation of the transformer must take into account the (ground) insulation distance between the transformer coil and various metal parts, as well as the distance between the high-voltage cable connector, the high-voltage connection copper rod and the shell, and it must meet the insulation distance to ground for each voltage level. As the high-voltage connecting rods of our company already have heat-shrinkable insulation sleeves with corresponding voltage levels, they can be lower than the normal insulation distance required in the air.

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