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Cast resin isolating transformers


Application:Cast resin isolating transformers are widely used in power transmission systems, such as hotels, airports, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, residential areas and other important places, as well as subway, smelting, power plants, offshore drilling platforms and other harsh environments。


1. Performs perfectly in electricity  and mechanic,with good heat resistance performance; (high temperature resistance level of  F or H insulation, which can withstand high temperature at 155℃ or 180℃ for a long time Under the same capacity. its small size and light weight can save installation costs, etc.)

2. The product has the characteristics of strong short circuit resistance, small partial discharge, strong resistance to lightning impact, good thermal stability, high reliability and long service life;

3. Good heat dissipation performance and strong overload capacity;Cooling methods are divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). When natural air cooling, the transformer can run continuously for a long time under the rated capacity. When forced air cooling, the output capacity of the transformer can be increased by 50%. It is suitable for intermittent overload operation or emergency accident overload operation; due to the large increase in load loss and impedance voltage during overload, it is in a non-economic operation state, so it should not be kept in continuous overload operation for a long time;

4. The temperature control can be matched with the user's temperature control system according to user needs; The intelligent signal temperature control system can be used, which can automatically monitor and display the respective working temperatures of the three-phase windings on the same screen, can automatically start and stop the fan, and have functions such as alarms and trips.

5. Good flame retardant performance: no vacuum pollution caused by epoxy resin vacuum casting process, which is conducive to environmental protection. The transformer has maintenance-free, moisture-proof, damp-heat-resistant, flame retardant and self-extinguishing characteristics, suitable for various environments and harsh conditions occasion.

6. a. The output end (secondary side) and the input end (primary side) of the isolation transformer are isolated with shielded copper foil, which effectively plays a good filter on the input end of the transformer (the power supply voltage supplied by the power grid) effect. Thus, a pure power supply voltage is provided to the electrical equipment; 

b. Can shield electromagnetic interference of external electronic devices.

c.  Protect personal safety, Isolate dangerous

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