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Whats the benifits of dry type transformer


The benefits of our dry type electrical transformers originate from both the design and materials used for the device’s constructions.

1. Superior Materials

dry type cast resin transformer, we offer have high efficiency designs which save you money month after month versus used or reconditioned units.  Our new dry types provide a balance of cost-effectiveness, quiet operation and advanced performance. Coil options include copper or aluminum magnet wire and round coil, disc wound designs. Additionally, 

we select insulation materail such as Dupont Nomex paper and  fiberglass for their quality and outstanding longevity.

2. Long Life

When using quality materials in the transformer construction, dry type units can last for years with little to no maintenance required. Their resistance to short circuits and excessive heating keeps these units working well for years

3. Lower Fire Risk

Enclosing the coils in a polyester varnish coating isolates them from moisture and from producing a fire hazard. Consequently, dry type models provide a better option in fire-risk 

areas such as forests, petrochemical plants or chemical manufacturing facilities.

4. Easy Installation

With options for indoor and outdoor enclosures, the installation of these transformers is more straightforward than other types. Choosing one with the most uncomplicated 

installation will cut down on waiting time until your operation can utilize the new transformer. In fact, we can create a customized model that will offer a plug and play retrofit installation in your facility as a direct replacement for an old transformer.

5. Pollution Free

Without oil inside them, dry type electrical transformers do not have anything that can leak out and contaminate an area. These models provide pollution-free operation, making 

them useful in areas sensitive to liquid/chemical contamination.

6. Low partial discharge

High mechanical strength, the resin with filler makes the expansion coefficient difference in the casting body small, the curing shrinkage rate is small, the internal stress is small, 

and the hardness of the cured product is high. The epoxy resin encapsulation layer on the inner and outer surfaces of the high and low voltage coils is placed with prefabricated The formed reinforcement material has a dense structure like reinforced concrete, so the mechanical strength is greater than pure epoxy resin, and it can withstand the sudden short-circuit electromotive force without damage.

7. Suitable for a Variety of Environments

Because many models provide moisture protection of the inner coils or cores, these transformers can work indoors and outdoors in dry and moist conditions. Plus, they have proven performance even through some seismic events. In areas prone to earthquakes, building codes may require equipment to have such protection against damage from seismic activity.


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