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Rectifier equipment for Paper Industry


Power rectifier equipment in the paper industry

At the end of July, with the help of Varelen R&D technical team, business team, and production team, a rectifier equipment was used in the paper industry, and the 

three-phase oil-immersed power transformer perfectly embarked on the road to Shanxi.

Paper industry projects are developing in the direction of green, low-carbon, resource-saving, and environmentally friendly, and oil-immersed transformers are also 

taking advantage of energy-saving.

The transformer products are strictly implemented according to the process and meet the standards. The transformer has successfully passed various performance tests. 

The oil-immersed transformer factory test report and product certificate are issued to the customer for acceptance, and the delivery is on schedule, which proves Varelen ability 

with strength.


1 - Low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, low temperature rise and energy-saving
2 - Adopt the latest insulation structure
3 - Excellent anti-short-circuit ability.
4 - As to the heat dissipating element adopts corrugated sheet or sheet radiator and other components.

5 - The iron core adopts high quality cold rolled graind oriented silicon steel sheet ,it is low loss and small magnetostriction.The whole iron core adopts the structure of 

45-degree full oblique joint and round cross-section, which will not be loosened due to vibration during transportation and operation.

Environment condition

  1. Application: Outdoor

  2. Environment temperature:  +40ºC ~ -30ºC

  3. Altitude: 1000m

  4. Relative temperature : ≤90% (25ºC)

  5. Installtion area:  no corrosive gas, no obvious dirt environment

conservator type transformer (1).jpg

power transformer

conservator type transformer.jpg

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