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Typically,  Mines are recognised as being amongst the harshest working environments on the planet. Critical environmental conditions, 

solid contamination (dust) and severe processes are only some of the challenges present in a mining plant. 

When adapting an individual solution for the mining industry,  Varelen's transformer products make your euipment flexible, safe, reliable, and more environmentally friendly.


Varelen's oil-immersed transformer  equipment is installed in Mining in Australia.

The oil-immersed power transformer uses vegetable oil as an insulating medium and refrigerant instead of the mineral oil. Realize a more environmentally friendly operation.Another important benefit 

of vegetable oil is that it is not flammable, reducing the risk of fire and the associated need for preventive measures.

It also meets Australia's minimum energy efficiency.


The mining industry requires many different types of transformers due to its needs for large amounts of power with compact and robust designs. 

Varelen have professional team of design Engineers can cover all of your mining-related needs .


Energy saving and environmentally friendly transformer solutions are ideal for customers.

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