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Cast resin transformers for Power transmission


In some power plants, public buildings, and power transmission places, you can see dry-type cast resin transformers. In the process of power transmission, electric energy can be converted into high-voltage current form, which can reduce the loss of belt energy during the transmission process. It has a good energy saving effect, so that some power plants

 far away from residents can carry out power transmission during the power transmission process.

Epoxy cast resin dry-type encapsulated transformer, it is self-extinguishing and can minimize the fire risk in public living places. The interior does not contain toxic chemicals 

that threaten human health in any fire situation, and is environmentally friendly. The magnetic circuit and winding are not immersed in insulating liquid, but are cast with epoxy resin mixture. There is no risk of environmental pollution caused by liquid leakage. And this kind of dry type power transformer requires almost no maintenance.

At present, the industry's demand for environmentally friendly electricity is gradually increasing, and dry-type transformers play a pivotal role in the process of power transmission.

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