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1000kva oil immersed transformer
Mineral oil immersed transformer

KS- Mineral oil immersed transformer

Mining oil immersed  transformer, the magnetic circuit and the windings are immersed in   an insulating liquid such as mineral, silicone, ester or vegetable oil. The choice of oil is linked to the type of installation and the specific requirement of the Customer and where it is necessary to ensure special guarantees in terms of environmental impact and safety in the event of a fire.

The transformers can be hermetically sealed, with an air/nitrogen cushion or with conservator.

Technical Parameters

Rated Capacity1000kVA
Primary Voltage1kV
Secondary Voltage:  415V
Phase: 3
Connection: YNyn0
Tapping: ±0%
Cooling: ONAN
Winding: CU-CU
Frequency: 50 Hz
Position of HV. Terminal: Side
Position of LV. Terminal: Side

Environment temperature: -25~ +40
Altitude of applicable place: ≤1,000m
Standard: IEC60076 

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