Phase-shift Rectifier transformers


Phase shifting transformer

Improved construction, compact size, superior reliability Apdopted C-class Dupont Nomex paper
  • VPI dry type transformer
  • rectifier transformer
  • 24 pluse transformer
  • dry-type Phase shifting Rectifier transformer
  1. VPI dry type transformer
  2. rectifier transformer
  3. 24 pluse transformer
  4. dry-type Phase shifting Rectifier transformer

Improved construction, compact size, superior reliability

C-class Dupont Nomex paper 

Highly insulating

With electromagnetic and structural optimization design, small size and lower noise

The structure of coil is non-encapsulated with excellent property of flame retardant

Largely reduce harmonic impact by adopting silicon-steel sheet/ low current density design

Our product advantages

  • Iron core

    Iron core

    Core is made of superior steel, outstanding performance of magnetic conduction. Joint is processed by 45° oblique angled technique, with low loss & low noise.

  • fan


    Blowers with metal cover, fan’s interface with metal cover 

  • winding


    Winding structure is pie type, which can manage with the field strength effectively. Plus the NOMEX paper used, which ensures very low partial discharge.

  • coil


    Coil is made of oxygen-free copper, low resistance and low loss, but high efficiency. 

Related product parameters

Main Specification
Dry type
PhaseThree phase
Rated Capacity250 to 10000kVA
Rated HV3kV to 13.8kV
Rated LV3kV to 10kV
Temperature Rise125K
Cooling ModeAN / AF
Insulation ClassH
Winding Connection CodeY/E/yn
Impendance6- 9%
Secondary Windings Available6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 36 windings
Maximum temperature+40℃
Minimum temperature-25℃

Factory Test



Providing the multi-phase rectifier power to middle and high voltage inverter, playing multiple roles of isolation and phase shifting, mainly used in boiler fan in power plant, water supply system and metallurgy, chemical industry and municipal engineering of the automated control system.
 chemical industry
boiler fan

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