Integrated substations


Mobile subsation

the electrical control technology was imported from Europe, the protection of overload, short circuit, leakage
  • skidmounted portaable substation
  1. skidmounted portaable substation

the electrical control technology was imported from Europe, the protection of overload, short circuit, leakage, leakage lockout

With insulation monitoring, safety

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Main Specifications
Primary voltage10kv, 6kv
Secondary voltage1.2kv ,0.4kv
Capacity315 -2500kva
HV switch voltage12kv, 7.2kv
HV switch current630A
Protection classIP00-IP54

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Factory Test

For each transformer are prepared and issued a test report, in accordance with IEC 60076.  except for routine tests, we also offer type tests and specialised tests to meet all customer requirements. We make what matters work for our customers in a safe and reliable way.

 Routine test

 a) Measurement of winding resistance

 b) Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement

 c) Measurement of short-circuit impedance and loss

 d) Measurement of no-load loss and current

 e) Dielectric routine tests

 f) Tests on on-load tap-changers, where appropriate

 g) Leak testing with pressure for liquid-immersed transformers(tightness test)

 h) Tightness tests and pressure tests for tanks for gas-filled transformers

 i) Check of the ratio and polarity of built-in current transformers

 Type test

 a) Temperature-rise type test

 b) Dielectric type tests

 c) Determination of sound level for each method of cooling for which a guaranteed sound level is specified

 d) Measurement of the power taken by the fan and liquid pump motors

 e) Measurement of no-load loss and current at 90% and 110% of rated voltage


Non-caol mines tunnels and public facilities construction mobile substation is a complete set of box-type intergrated substation that mounted on the sled-shaped steel chassis which is pecial reinforced, Its placed on the fat ground in mines or public construction site to supply power without foundation.

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