Dry type transformers


Special cast resin transformer

Safety and ecofriendly,High shor circuit withstand capability
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High short circuit withstand capability

Non-flammable and self-extinguishing

Insulated with an epoxy resin -  environmentally friendly

  • Superior behavior on load changes

  • Reduce  energy consumption

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Main Specification
Transformer Type
cast resin
Rated capacityup to 6300kva
Rated voltageup to 36kv
Phase3 Phase
Winding materialCopper /Aluminum
Insulation classF, H, C
Vector group
Protection EnclosureIP00 to IP54
Temperature Class
E2 C2 F1



Tap changer

Temperature monitoring

Antivibration pads

Factory Test

For each transformer are prepared and issued a test report, in accordance with IEC 60076.  except for routine tests, we also offer type tests and specialised tests to meet all customer requirements. We make what matters work for our customers in a safe and reliable way.

  Routine test

 a) Measurement of winding resistance

 b) Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement

 c) Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss

 d) Measurement of no-load loss and current

 e) Separate-source AC withstand voltage test

 f) Induced AC withstand voltage test

 g) Partial discharge measurement

  Type test

 a) Lightning impulse test

 b) Temperature-rise test

  Special test

 a) Partial discharge measurement

 b) Measurement of sound level

 c) Short-circuit test


Indoor and outdoor, renewable generation,commercial, industrial and residential sites

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