Line Choke

Line chokes are used to provide improved protection against over voltages on the line supply and to reduce harmonic distortion of the current produced by the drive.
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Compact  design,  low stray field and easy to install

Reduce the peak currents drawn by the inverter or other device

  • Improved the reliability of motor drive system

  • Improve power factor of the system

  • Extend motor’s lifetime

  • Reduce motor peak voltage, rise time, spikes, temperature and noise

  • Reduce harmonics

  • Protect motor from long lead effects

  • Extend semiconductor life

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Main Specifications
TypeDry Type, Air Cooled, Vacuum Impregnated
PhaseThree phase
Cooling method
Winding materialCopper or Aluminum
Insulation ClassH
CoreCold-rolled oriented silicon steel
Temperature Rise125K
Climatic ClassC2
Environmental ClassE2
Fire BehaviorF1


AC drive, Converter , wind power plant

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